Application Process

Please note: An individual may apply to up to two NEH projects (Summer Seminars, Institutes, or Landmarks Workshops) but may participate in only one.

Dates of this institute are July 17-31, 2021.  Due to Covid-19, this institute was postponed from original dates of July 12-26, 2020.

Applications will open in the fall of 2021.

Those eligible to apply include:
  • Full-time or part-time teachers and librarians in public, charter, independent, and religiously affiliated schools, as well as home schooling parents.
  • Museum educators and other K-12 school-system personnel, such as administrators, substitute teachers, and curriculum developers.
Additional eligibility criteria:
  • Participants must be United States citizens, residents of U.S. jurisdictions, or foreign nationals who have been residing in the United States or its territories for at least the three years immediately preceding the application deadline. Foreign nationals teaching abroad at non-U.S. chartered institutions are not eligible to apply.
  • Participants may not be delinquent in the repayment of federal debt (e.g., taxes, student loans, child support payments, and delinquent payroll taxes for household or other employees).
  • Please note: Three seminar spaces and five institute spaces will be reserved for teachers who are new to the profession (those who have been teaching for five years or less).
  • Individuals may not apply to an NEH Summer Seminar or Institute whose director is a family member, is affiliated with the prospective applicant’s institution, or is someone with whom the prospective applicant has previously studied.
Procedures and deadlines

The NEH has not announced a deadline for applications yet, but it will likely be in early March 2021. The application contains a cover sheet, CV or biographical statement, and short essay (no longer than 4 pages).

Please direct any questions to:

Selection Committee

Four individuals will read and evaluate all properly completed applications in order to select the most promising participants and to identify a number of alternates.  The committee will consist of the seminar director, a high school teacher, and two colleagues of the director.

The most important consideration in the selection of NEH Summer Scholars is the likelihood that an applicant will benefit professionally and personally from participation in the institute.   Committee members consider several factors, each of which should be addressed in the application essay.  These factors include:

  1. effectiveness and commitment as a teacher/educator;
  2. intellectual interests in general and as they relate to the work of the project;
  3. special perspectives, skills, or experiences that would contribute to the seminar or institute;
  4. commitment to participate fully in the formal and informal collegial life of the project; and
  5. the likelihood that the experience will enhance the applicant’s teaching.

Recent NEH Summer Scholars are eligible to apply, but project selection committees are charged by the NEH to give first consideration to applicants who have not participated in an NEH-supported Seminar, Institute or Landmarks Workshop in the last three years (2017, 2018, and 2019).   When choices must be made among equally qualified candidates, several additional factors are considered, among them, geographic diversity.

Equal Opportunity Statement

Endowment programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or age.  For further information, write to NEH Equal Opportunity Officer, 1100 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20506.  TDD: 202/606-8282 (this is a special telephone device for the deaf).